Sandro & The Origins

Sandro Touched Lives In Many Thoughtful Ways…


Casa del Forno is a project that dates back to 1999 and was born from the will and inspiration of Sandro Benini. A fourth generation baker, Sandro was a person known for his kind and caring ways. Commitment and dedication accompanied him every day in his bakery, while he kneaded dough for breads, pizzas, cakes and biscuits.

Yet kneading was not Sandro’s only passion, he also loved singing and, in fact, he was a very popular tenor.

He was sensitive to art and beauty in general, he loved his music and his profession. Always with a smile on his face, he believed that the best way of communication is with kindness and grace.


When Sandro passed away in February 2010, this “piece of him”, a lovely barn in the Tuscan countryside, was inherited by his brother Andrea and niece Vania, who decided to continue the holiday home business started by Sandro. Today this place still lives in the memory of the moments full of joy that Sandro spent there in the company of friends and relatives.


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