Sandro touched lives in many thoughtful ways...

Sandro Benini was a fourth generation baker. He was a wonderful person who reached out and touched lives in many thoughtful ways.

Every day he produced an array of freshly baked breads, cakes, pizzas and biscotti. Today his bakery is still in the square and every morning you will be able to taste all the specialties it has to offer, making you feel wonderful sensations.

He was also a a highly gifted tenor,  He loved art in general and he was an artist himself. How should one categorise Sandro Benini? The words Tenor or Baker don’t quite seem to cover it, because he had a jovial, down-to-earth personality and a strong sense of humour. He loved art and beauty, he loved his shows and he loved his job.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness and Sandro carried it all through his life.

Twelve years ago Sandro decided to buy an old barn used for storage and as a covered workplace and fix it, turning it into a wonderful villa for a truly unique holiday experience. Today this superb barn conversion is a must.

Those wonderful years, which Sandro shared with all the people who met him, were full of joy, and these memories will also go on and on with his Villa today.