Welcome to casa del forno

Every morning, past the bakery
Fresh baked bread, all warm and sweet
Makes me long for
Just a little bite…
Around the corner, the coffee corner
Friends they tempt me: just one cup please!
Can’t resist it
Hot, and good…
Out the front door, caught by flowers
Smell of roses, gallantly offered
Can’t help blushing

Casa del Forno, a unique combination of comfort and sophistication.It is exquisitely furnished in traditional Florentine style - the frescoes, antique furniture, superbly landscaped gardens, terraces and panoramic swimming pool all blend sublimely into the beauty of the surroundings. Here guests can find among statues, cypresses and flowers a place in the sun or in the shade to read, talk, relax and enjoy a glass,or two, of local Chianti wine...


From our Guestbook...

"Sandro you must be the happiest and most fulfilled man in Italy..your talents include making so many people happy. You made US happy (and a bit heavier!) with the marvelous creations from the Forno. We shall miss your walnut bread (but my doctor will be happy that you are in Italy and I'm in America!) You thrilled us with your magnificent talent for singing. You are a Bel Canto Tenor Supremo! The dinner and concert was the ultimate highlight of our six weeks in Italy. You made us feel welcome and you gave us your friendship...How can we say "Thank You"? Grazie mille,mille.

Ken and Carol Lassiter, Florida